Join us for our 25th Annual Pride Celebration
Saturday, June 11th, 2016
LGBTQA Community Wide Parade Float

OutSpokane and the LGBT Center joined together to write a grant request for funds to build a gay community parade float to be included in local parades such as the St. Patricks Day Parade, Torchlight Parade, and 4th of July Parades as well as the Pride Parade. We were granted funds from the Community Building Foundation to proceed with this project.

Click here to see the in-progress pictures.

Why do we need a parade float?

VISIBILITY - People are more likely to support the gay community when they can put a face to it.

By establishing a visible presence at local and regional parades the project will provide a connection with our local communities to promote communication and our dedication to LGBT rights and fairness. The float will promote government and public awareness of LGBT rights and to celebrate the strength in our community.

Showing our presence at local community parades will reaffirm to people that we are here and proud of who we are. It will show our commitment to equal rights, and emphasize the fact that sexual orientation does not define us as human beings. For the gay community it will be a chance for us, our families, and our allies to demonstrate that we are no different than the general public. Also, it's an opportunity to diversify the areas parades, and for people who have not attended the Pride Parade to get a small glimpse of what our community entails. Now we need YOUR help with this project.


Below is a link to a PDF with a template of the float base with dimensions. We would like to know what you would like the float to look like. How will it represent the entire lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer community?

  • Should it focus on showing people the other types of families that exist?
  • Should it show our pursuit for marriage equality?
  • Should it address gender and sexual identity bullying issues that are present in schools and the work force?
  • Should it try to dispel myths or stereotypes?
  • Should it highlight current and past gay hero's?
Feel free to use your creativity when showing us your thoughts. Mold your ideas in clay, build a scale model, use a 3D design program, or draw and color it with crayons or colored pencils. Please email your thoughts to us at [email protected]. All ideas will be given to our Concept/Design Team for review. The team may decide to go completely with your design or mold and blend elements of several ideas together to come up with a cohesive design. Please be sure to answer both short essay questions included on the PDF with your pictures.



Want to help decide the final design? Join the Concept/Design Team to review all the ideas/designs that come in. Work together with your fellow team mates to create the final vision to be handed off to the Build Team. Once the final design is completed the team will also need to identify the quantities and types of materials needed for the design. Want to be involved, email your name and contact information to [email protected]. We will respond back with the next meeting time and location.


Are you into getting dirty and using your hands? Consider joining the Build Team. The Build Team will be in charge or taking the final design and sourcing the materials that will be needed to turn the design into reality. Your team will construct the props and assemble the final float. Interested? Message us at [email protected] with your name and contact information.

Project Timeline:
February 1st - March 31st - Solicit designs, look over ideas, mold them to a final design.
April 1st - June 10th - Build Float to be ready in time for its premier at the 2011 Pride Parade.

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